COSMAX offers one-stop solution services, ranging from brand development, to the production and delivery of finished products.
Leading industry experts deliver the foremost brands and concept products to help meet partners’ expectations, and consumer needs through 1:1 customized services based on customer characteristics.
COSMAX launches new products faster than our competitors, by reducing development and production time, thereby fully satisfying our customers.

“Our only dream is to become your most valued partner”

Speed and flexibility are the unique, competitive advantages that have fueled the growth of COSMAX.
With these advantages, COSMAX manufactures products using high-level technologies and unparalleled quality control, at every stage of research, development, and production.
We also provide integrated marketing strategies and brand designs to our partners.
COSMAX will provide new opportunities for companies seeking to enter the beauty market without having to build separate marketing and design organizations.

  • OEM

  • ODM

  • OBM

  • OEM(Original Equipment Manufacturing)

    Through this service, the manufacturer produces and supplies finished products under the brand names requested by customers.
  • ODM(Original Development & Design Manufacturing)

    Through this service, researchers at COSMAX develop new products based on customer proposals, and deliver them as customer brands.
  • OBM(Original Brand Design & Manufacturing)

    This is a customized service in which the brands developed by COSMAX are proposed to customers. The package design, development, production, and marketing are provided through a one-stop system.
    In addition to the application for the trademark registration, we will fully review of potential legal issues at home and abroad, to allow customers to secure brands that can be immediately introduced to the global market, and receive consultation from leading industry experts regarding unique and innovative prescriptions, marketing strategies and designs developd by COSMAX.