COSMAX is not only the standard but also the leader of K-Beauty

COSMAX is the company with the most international certifications in the Korean cosmetics ODM industry.
Starting from the CGMP certification acquired in 1998, COSMAX obtained an entire range of cosmetics manufacturing and quality assurance certifications, including ISO 22716 (international cosmetics GMP), ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management) OHSAS 18001 (health and safety management), and ECO_CERT (organic cosmetics certification).

Subsequently, COSMAX passed screening for cosmetics and over-the-counter (OTC) registration with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, and Health Canada. In addition, the company also acquired MUI certification from one of the three major international Halal certifications, and vegan cosmetics production certification from EVE, a French certification agency, thereby proving its presence as a company of top quality that capable of meeting the mandatory requirements of every country.

production history of cosmax


Through our new, smart factories, COSMAX is conducting further strict quality control while building an optimized production system. The company has introduced automated facilities for production sites, and built a line vision system for detecting QR coding in barcodes, the research quality production system (WEB) to prevent non-conforming processes, and the manufacturing history management system to carry out manufacturing standardization tasks as well as prevent any errors in work.

In addition, COSMAX implements high-level quality control through the point of production (POP) system, which enables the real-time production site management. Additionally, the company has a competitive edge in producing customized cosmetics, while providing rapid responses to the market by utilizing its own patented automatic assembler, testing equipment, and powder charging facilities.

The quality-control tests are established and practiced according to CGMP regulations.
· Raw materials inspection
· Bulk inspection
· Subsidiary materials inspection
· Finished product inspection

    • Water purifying system
    • The reverse osmosis (RO) and the electrodeionization (EDI) system are combined to produce purified water even closer to the ultrapure water..

      Reverse Osmosis (OS)
      This technique uses a semi-permeable membrant to remove the solvents dissolved in sea and osmotic pressure to obtain highly pure freshwater.

      Electrodeionized System (EDI)
      This equipment enables - ions to gather in the + electrode and + ions to the - electrode, and collects pure water located in the middle.

    • New manufacturing room
    • Three-storied facility allows the quantitative input of raw materials into the manufacture of sun and foam products, enabling the production of high quality products. Available equipments include: one 5-ton emulsion mixer, one 3-ton emulsion mixer, one 2-ton emulsion mixer, four 1-ton emulsion mixers, two 500-liter emulsion mixers, three 300-liter emulsion mixers, one 150-liter emulsion mixer, and one 1-ton solubilization mixer.

    • Automatic skin lotion charging facilities
    • Productivity of the corresponding process has been improved to supplement the existing manual facilities.

    • Lipstick charger (silicone rubber-type)
    • Facility that makes lipsticks glossier, which was upgraded from the drawback of existing metal materials.

    • Automatic sheet mask charger
    • Our state of art manufacturing facility provides a fully automated and hygienic production process for sheet masks.

    • Swirl charger
    • Enables manufacturing products with specialized appearances to enhance the visual of the products.